Artistry & Innovation of Terrazzo, Define.

Rebekah and Company is a Second Generation terrazzo installation company and supplying seasoned terrazzo installation specialists with a combined installation experience of over 100 years. Rebekah Imus is a second generation owner who has followed in her fathers footsteps with the support of installers she has grown up around. The installers of her Father are overseeing their own children who are also 2nd and 3rd generation.

With experience overflowing, Rebekah and Company has already installed projects  in The Bahamas at the Fabulous new Baha Mar Resort, The Standard Hotel, The McKinleyville Federal Courthouse and Intel Santa Clara Campus. 

Rebekah and Company brings a new light to an old trade.  Offering clients the benefit of successfully acquiring its minority participation requirements while hiring the best choice of installer for their clients work.

Offering not only terrazzo, but Polished Concrete and Resinous flooring as well we can offer even more of a well-rounded choice for our clients.

Our Design Staff, General Manager and estimating staff are ready to help on any needs that you may have.  Please feel free to visit our design room and view our vast collection of terrazzo and flooring samples or call with any and all of your questions.  We’ll be glad to help.